10 Most Exhilarating Tourist Spots you NEVER VISITED BEFORE on your Trip to Manali

The epic resort town of Manali lay on the northern end of Kulu valley. It derives the name from Vaivasvata Manuscript. Manali is a romantically stimulating pleasure dome for some travelers, and for many others, this epic town provides an ideal landscape for hill adventure. Located on an attitude of 1,926 meters with landscape expanse of 12.5 square kms., Manali offers unlimited activities sublimed in fun moments and lived through the entire life (the living voyage) of travelers. One may have traveled to Manali in his or her life time, number of times, but still remained untouched by places, sophisticatedly celestial, and more of a poetic semblance, created by Nature herself.

We see what we want to see – This is a general proverb that works as a spell and most often, travelers plan their tours on the basis of it.  Every destination spot tells its own story, and when it is the epic town of Manali, there are plenty of spots that mimic its versatile and scenic tapestry. These are the 10 most exciting places you have likely missed out on your trip to Manali several times before.

Rehala Waterfall: The fascinating waterfall is Cascade and Punchbowl type, situated at distance of around 15-16 kms. from Manali, on way to Rohtang Pass. The fall is also approachable from Marhi, on foot march from Kothi. In seven and eight years time span, Rehala Waterfall has become a popular junket, where travelers holdup momentarily for absorption in nature’s own heavenly creation. The surrounding area around waterfall has dense alpine forest cover with species of Birch and Deodar trees. The snow covered Himalayan peaks create a poetry and a heart rending muse. Ideal time to visit Rehala Waterfall is March through November.

Jagatsukh: Jagatsukh is a small village town in Kullu district known for its views of scintillating valleys and Hindu pilgrimage sites, situated at a convenient distance of approximately 6 kms., South of Manali. It is extremely popular among Hindu pilgrims for temple (Gauri Shankar) dedicated to Lord Shiva, and built in style, which alludes to Shikhara cult. On backdrop of the temple, travelers are bedazzled by terrific view of snowy mountain peaks, creating a beautiful canvas. Ten generations ago, Jagatsukh was the renowned capital of Kullu district. Originally, the place was known as – “Nast.” The ancient temples of “Devi Gayatri” and “Devi Sharvali” are also worth visiting to seek blessings for making your trip successful. Jagatsukh is hospitable all though the year and travelers can reach on shared taxis or hire cabs.

Club House: The Club House is only at a mere distance of 2 kms. from Manali, adjacent to the left banks of Manalsu Nallah (Manalsu Drain), where adults and kids love to enjoy their past time, as they completely absorb themselves, involving in activities like playing indoor games, like Billiards, Snooker, Carrom Board, Table Tennis and Roller Skating. The unique house has arrangements for Go Carting and Video Games for adults as well.  There is a fully operational family restaurant, a bar and a bibliothèque to look up around. The Club House is a one of its kind gift for travelers, offered by Himachal Pradesh Tourist Development Corporation (HPTDC).

Nehru Kund: The natural fresh water spring emanating from the holy – “Bhrigu Lake” has a strategically located along Manali-Keylong road.  Nehru Kund takes the title from the name of first Prime Minister of Free India – Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. The water in Nehru Kund has herbal components, which provides it healing properties. It is believed that during his winter vacations in Manali, the Prime Minister would often visit the spring, and used to drink water from here.

Tibetan Monasteries: Manali is also home to two Tibetan Monasteries, one near the city Mall in Manali, while another one is at Pangran, roughly around 8 kms. of roadable journey from Patlikuhl. The monasteries are a recent development and dot the landscape of Manali to exemplify spiritualism. These represent a vivid semblance and belief of Buddhism and Tibetan lifestyle.  Both these monasteries show clear presentation of Tibetan handicrafts, clearly projected from style of subtle carpet weavings as well as etching done by Tibetan artisans. The entire place around Tibetan Monastery is pristine, complemented by natural beauty.

Kothi: The scenic tourist spot of Kothi completes your journey of Manali. Off late, travelers have started thronging this place for not one, but many reasons. First reason is that Kothi provides a picturesque view of River Beas, which rambles its way through a deep gorge (almost 25 and 30 meters or more in depth). Second explanation for travelers to visit Kothi is the Rest House, which sights the narrow valley lying against it, and also presents a commandeering view of mountainous cascades. Kothi is also a popular destination for film makers and the heavenly abode for poets, writers and lovers, who are always seeking sentimental and serene recluse in verdant nature.

Arjun Gufa (Arjun Cave): On a roadable distance of approximately 15 kms. from Manali, and in the vicinity of the village of ‘Prini,’ lies the abode of prince Arjuna- one of the Pandava brothers (from the mythological Mahabharata) – popular as  Arjun Gufa (Arjun Cave). Here, it is believed that he performed the penance on Vedic rituals, post which, he earned the reward in form of ‘Pashupati Astra.’

Mountaineering Institute: The institute is approachable, lying at distance of 3 kms. from Manali; close to the left bank of holy river Beas. It provides basic level to advanced level training on mountaineering to Indian nationals and climbing enthusiasts from overseas. And maybe you do not want to learn the intrepid art of mountaineering the inhospitable, adventure is still there resting inside! It is credible, a reason to take the detour from your sightseeing activities and get yourself introduced to nature by spoiling yourself in activities like: high altitude trekking, rock climbing, or learn essential of skiing as well as high altitude rescue and relief measures.

Pandoh Dam: The gargantuan dam is constructed on Beas River, and it has four large water tunnels that further connect with wide network of channels and water tunnels. You may not like to miss out on spectacular view of water gushing out from this embankment dam, by standing on one of the observation decks. Above all, you are going to feel different from your usual self, as you layback at an eatery shop nearby Pandoh Dam.

Beas Kund Trek: The kund is formed by high altitude galactic lake, known to be the origin of River Beas. Trekking along the banks of Beas River, your imagination is mesmerized by scintillating glimpses of Pir Panjal ranges.  The mythology says that sage Vyas (author of Mahabharata) used to bathe in the kund. Lower your knee deep into the frigid waters of Beas kund, and your soul will is purged. The trekking experience you gain is going to remain deep seated in your heart for years. You will continue living with it all through your life.

How to Reach Manali

Manali has well-connected and well-maintained road network that run across North-Indian states of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, New Delhi, and Rajasthan. Volvo buses frequently ply between Chandigarh, Pathankot, Dharamshala, Udaipur, Kaza, New Delhi and Keylong.  Besides, the travelers can also shop around for exclusive range of Volvo Packages, offered by Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) on hi tech fleet of Volvo coach class buses.



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