13 Useful Tips for Backpacking India

Preferred as one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, India offers the backpackers the chance of backpacking as an adventure whether they are eating fantastic curries, hurtling along in a rickshaw, hiking in the mountains or kicking back on the backwaters.


13 Useful Tips for Backpacking India

To make the tour of backpackers as smooth as possible, here I have enlisted 13 useful tips for planning the tour of backpacking India.


  1. Purify your water

While backpacking India, you should avoid tap water as possible. For over a fortnight, you would purchase several plastic bottles of mineral water. It is notable that 8 million foreign tourists do the same things in India each year. By using an increased effective range purifying filters which destroy even the smallest viruses and bacteria, you can do it as a greener choice.

The stuff of murky brown lakes is changed into crystal clear, fresh tasting water with the most advanced systems, like the Water to Go bottle filters. You should also bear this thing in mind that in several restaurants in India have the availability of reversed osmosis (RO) water – that is without any charge, completely safe to drink and environmentally friendly.


  1. Eat where the locals eat

While backpacking India, you should follow the locals and find the busy places if you are willing to get an authentic curry. For some reasons, empty restaurants are sometimes quiet.


  1. Be respectful

It is notable that India is a nation with strong, deep rooted religious traditions and a rich cultural heritage. During the India tour, if you remain mindful of local social etiquette, your experience of traveling through the mysterious and rich landscapes of India would be much more positive.

Here, women should always put on loose fitting costumes coming below the knee and cover their shoulders. Midriffs should be covered in Muslim regions.

You should eat with your right hand (as the left is used for toilets), avoid public displays of affection, take your shoes off before going into a temple and not point the soles of your feet at anybody.


  1. Bring your own toilet roll

While backpacking India, you should keep this thing in your mind that here the use of the left hand and a jug of water or a hose is made instead of a toilet paper. You should not hope toilets to maintain paper and the toilet itself may be only a hole in the ground aside from the most up market or tourist destinations. So, you should carry a toilet paper and hand sanitizer along with you as getting used to using the hose is no bad thing.


  1. Agree a price before you do anything

During your India tour, you should always check what you are expected to pay first and in several cases, haggle for it, when hiring a guide, taking a taxi (if it has no meter) or rickshaw, going on a tour or staying in a hotel. Before ordering in a restaurant, you should check how much your food will cost if the menu of it has no prices on it. You should check the item for its MRP printed on it in small letters when purchasing a product in a shop.


  1. Swot up on Trainspotting

For traveling in this tremendous nation, using the extensive Indian Railway Network is a fine way. In this huge country, trains are booked up fast.  For getting more privacy and security, you should try to book the upper or side upper berths and give sleeper class a go once at least if you are getting a sleeper train while backpacking India.

The tinted windows mean you will not see about as much scenery while a/c is more comfortable for you.


  1. Find the festivals

Often incorporating dance, music and striking apparels, this country always observes a religious or cultural celebration of some type going on somewhere in India from large national holidays to small village festivals. You will not get disappointed if you can fit a festival into your accommodation in this nation.

Most of the festivals are based upon Hindu stories and gods, like a colorful Holi festival, but there are dozens of others too as Hindus complete 80 percent of the population. You should try Buddist Hemis Festival in Ladakh in the northernmost Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir or the camel fair in Pushkar in the northwestern Indian state of Rajasthan.


  1. An apple a day won’t keep the doctor away

The saying that an apple a day keeps a doctor away may not fit here that vegetables and fruit may be rinsed in untreated water. So, you should avoid raw veg and eat peeled fruit like mangoes and bananas.


  1. Try the street food

A key part of the fun of a tour to India is sampling street food. In Mumbai, you would find a particularly appealing range, with cheap treats like Bhel Puri (Sev, puffed rice, potato, chopped onion and Chutney), Pani Puri (crispy deep fried bread filled with potato, chili and tamarind), Vada Pao (soft roll stuffed with deep fried potato), and so on. You should make sure that you can see the food being ready in front of you and the ingredients look fresh.


  1. Stay safe

While backpacking India, you should avoid a huge amount of cash with you and save your costly items in crowded places like the train stations. In this country, you should get a mobile telephone and an Indian SIM Card so that you can make a phone call in an emergency. Particularly, women should clothe conservatively and never roam alone in the dark or plan to arrive somewhere at midnight. You should call loudly for help if you feel you are being troubled, be confident rather than politely.


  1. Go with the flow

India has the possibility of being a challenging place for travelling. One would take the enjoyment of it to its fullest if one is recipient to new experiences and is capable of accepting the unpredictable and strange things to occur each day. Here, a sense of humor will go a long way and the patience is vital. One should accept wedding if invited for it.


  1. Take earplugs

To ensure a good night’s sleep in buses and trains, or in noisy hotels and thin walled beach huts, ear plugs are a basic essential.


  1. Get off the beaten track

While backpacking India, you should get off the beaten track unlike other foreign tourists have the tendency of roughly hitting the same routes and destinations in India. For providing a more genuine insight into the life of India, branching out from these regions lets visitors take the experience of a side of this nation that has not been impacted by the huge tourist industry of India.


On the basis of the tips for backpacking India mentioned above, it can be said that by following them backpackers can take the enjoyment of the tour of this country at its fullest. You can explore India with ARV Holidays Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading tour and travel operators of India. By comparing flights and hotels for your tour, you can take Best India Honeymoon Package Deals.


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