3 Adventure Spots in Himachal Known for its Splendor and Natural Aura

Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, and this general statement is absolutely rhetoric with respect to Himachal. The celestial hill destination is surrounded by majestic mountains, snow covered peaks and extensively green meadows, giving it an epic like exuberance and subtle gorgeousness. Planning your adventure trips amidst these splendid as well as graceful topographies, send out an excitingly refreshing appeal and moments of playful treats. Travelers start exploring themselves, indulging in the intrepid challenges of the Mother Nature.

Himachal is not a merely a spotless beauty dotting the virgin Indian landmass; it has emerged as momentous tourist destination for the trekkers and adventure fanatics. The fertile but rugged mountainous terrain of Himachal infuses spirit of awe and desire, both of which thwart magnificent challenges among travelers. Traveling to this part of adventure land becomes 100 times more exciting, once you are clear of your intentions. Himachal is traveled for not fulfilling mere sadistic pleasure in panoramic views. Adventure, trekking and fun works outrageously on same levels, leaving the travelers in floccules of maze.

Here are the suggestions for trekking and adventure enthusiasts to discover, while in the Himachal:

Dainkund Peak (In vicinity of Dalhousie) – Dainkund Peak, resting on the height of 2755 meters,  is approximately at roadable journey of 17 km from Dalhousie Bus Stand. The pathway all along is decorated with flowers, and his feels like you are being given a treat by none other than Mother Nature herself. It is 40 to 60 minutes walk to ascend to the peak, and catch the spectacular glimpse around. Pholani Devi perches atop the Dainkund Peak. This is where adventure lovers feel the pleasant breeze swerving through the trees, creating a muse.

Camping is the adventure that every serious traveler likes to get absorbed into, and this is where Dainkund Peak fits the picture once again. The hill destination spot also presents a clear view of the green steep valleys converging down and the stars lit skies in dark of night.

Khajjiar – The adventure spot settled at the height of approximately 1,951 meters is truly a Himalayan magnificence of top order, closing down to 20 kms. of stretched metal roadable journey from Chamba Valley.   The adventure in and around Khajjiar catapult on a trident philosophy – thrill, extravaganza and self-discovery.

Trekking and Paragliding are few activities that you like to keep yourself absorbed in Khajjiar. Nights are even extraordinarily stimulating, especially when you circle around bonfire and relish in the morsels of barbecue whole night.

Prashar – The picturesque freshwater lake has strategic positioning on altitude of 2730 meters, having a beautiful floating island (with the coverage area of 29%) carved naturally on the inner circumference. Sage Prashar contemplated on the banks of this lake; hence it is named as Prashar Lake. There is a belief that the lake was created by Bhima, one of the Pandava brothers (from Mahabhartha epic). The lake is protected by fencing, and therefore, it is beyond the reach of regular visitors. The place around holy lake has greener climes, and high density of forest. Besides, the landscape provides challenges for trekking and adventure lovers in a tranquilized atmosphere.

While there are other beautiful adventure spots nestled in Himachal that offer you unlimited thrill, these three magnificent adventure destinations are going to take you through a better exploration.

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