8 Days of Hippie Life in Peaceful and Lush Green Climes of the Himachal

A hippie tour of Himachal is a unique way to attain eternal cleansing and propagate love and cooperation between the partners. Tourist spots like Old Manali, Kasol and Tosh villages make ideal spots for experiencing the distinctive hippie life. Adorning like crazy hippie saints in dresses, sometimes in “psychedelic” colors, will introduce you to unique hippie way of life in eight days. And either ways you do not have to put on typical patchouli scent or act like one of those Nag Champa-burning hippies…

A hippie tour of Himachal is going to be once in a lifetime opportunity to adopt the lifestyle of“Flower Children,” though this is not the only thing you will be absorbed on the rarest tour. Before you set your feet for a lingering hippie tour of Himachal, you get together into “SPECIAL AND SOPHISTICATED” code of conduct. Elongated and often stretched dresses, rimless granny glasses and co-operative living – all become the highlight of your tour in span of these eight days in Old Manali, Kasol and Tosh villages, in Himachal.

Destination Halt#1

Kasol – The hippie destination is nestled in Parvati Valley is one of the prominent hippie trails; you will not be interested in missing out on any account.  Kasol is where you have the opportunity to interact with fellow backpackers. It is a fun destination, popular for underground psytrance culture, and being here in those pretty and attractive psychedelic clothes is good reason to escape big city rush.

Destination Halt#2

Kalga, Pulga and Tulga – These three closely connected hamlets are not any less than mythological epics. The surroundings around these hamlets have dense cover of alpine forests, and the only sound that will disturb you is that of chirping birds. Trekking from Barshaini is thrilling and takes you to Kalga. Your feat is not tested in this trekking.

 Destination Halt#3

Chalal – Located in the serene vicinity of Chalal, the hippie destination spot offers exciting and mirthful activities, which at times go all night long. Recline in any of the wooden houses, cozy cafés, and take pleasure in new life that you have just beginning to explore. At Chalal, life does not come to a standstill. Nights are different from the days, and quite surprisingly, as dusk begins to set in, new mood of nature and people around begin to create  the gala.

Destination Halt#4

Tosh – This is a delightful village with mystical touch and often projecting or donning the character of western lifestyle robed inside the rich Indian traditionalism. The calm hamlet has no road approaching it, and hippies and backpackers just like to travel bare feet. The only available and credible way to visit village Tosh is by trekking.

Destination Halt#5

Kheerganga – Trekking from Tosh leads you to Kheerganga, which is known for hot water pools, springs, and green magnificence. The water oozing out from hot water springs is holy. It is also the place for you to camp whole night, living through your dreams. These are the dreams you carry in your home.

Destination Halt#6

Malana – The Malana is a petite hamlet, which is otherwise believed to be one of the oldest democracies that ever existed.  This is where you can also come close to Russian settlements; earlier descendants of Alexander the Great. You will be welcomed in your hippie attire. Formals may not be enticing and liked by local population of Malana.

Destination Halt#7

Dharamkot / Bhagsu

Dharamkot is a petite hippie village offering you unlimited excitement, which is the source of both amusement and adventure. The moment you arrive here, ecstasy begins to trade in.  Moreover, the food served in small cafés in Dharamkot, is delectable, dishing out a western feel. Bhagsu lies adjacent to Dharamkot, and owes its popularity to sparingly soluble hippie culture in the local life. The place takes name from Bhagsu Nag waterfall, and water is apparently cold. Make it a point to immerse your body into the holy waters.

The hippie tour of Himachal is all about experiencing ecstasy, excitement and bonanza all through the day and the night. You feel like you are rocking, jeering and living in the world of your own, where freedom is guaranteed not for any cause but to shake over your whims. Himachal Hippie Tours is the junket that accommodates sensuousness and euphoria.

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