Ladakh Tour: Way towards Exploring Mystic Buddhist Culture amidst Serenity

Ladakh is a celestial epitome dotted with Tibetan Buddhism cult on its backdrop. The hilly landscape of Ladakh is embellished with meandering roads, high passes, and pristine lakes, creating an awe-inspiring milieu with peace and tranquility all around.

Quite exciting to know, Buddhism found its way to Ladakh, much before it became the belief of practice in Tibet. Travelers will find the evidences of growing cult of Buddhism in form of old stone caves of Kushan period in Sani, Zanskar, which dates to nearly around 100 BC and AD500. A visit to the rock carvings at Khalatse and Mulbekh, besides the giant Buddha at Kartse Khar, reiterates the belief of travelers in the Buddhist faith.

More references of Buddhist cult and life becomes evident from the unprecedented Mahayana stone carvings, statues of Buddhas and bodhisattvas; commonly found in the Zanskari villages of  Padum, Karsha, Mune and Tong-de respectively.

Zanskar Valley: Buddhist Life Imbued in Himalayan Ambience

Zanskar is the home of two prominent centers of Tibet Buddhism – the Drugpa, that includes Sani Monastery, Dzongkhul, Stagrimo and Bardan Monastery – all having distant affiliation with Stakna in the Indus valley. Travelers will find the tour of Zanskar valley fascinating on two accounts – First, it is the place where all ways of Buddhist cult can be experienced, and second the sighting of lofty rising mountain peaks, deep gorges and intermittent precipitation, transforms your internal-self to higher levels.

Zanskar river, from where descends the name of Zanskar valley, is a cold high altitude fresh water lake, and a north-flowing tributary of the Indus. The river has two branches – the Doda and the second branch is created by two significant tributaries – Kargyag River and Tsarap River. During summers, Zanskar River, offer travelers exciting rafting trips, especially from Chiling to Nimmu.

While you are traveling to Leh, your imagination is caught by awe with yet another Buddhist relic- none other than The Shanti Stupa. The emblem of peace, this structure stands indelibly on vertical hilltop. The entire landscape around Stupa is marvelous, creating an environment notching less than haven.

Discovering Ladakh beyond Spiritual Intrigues

Being in Ladakh has wider connotations, and more importantly, a traveler needs to acclimatize himself/herself, before setting out for pre-planned itineraries.  Ladakh offers overtly fantastic experience to every traveler, as the place holds under its garb monasteries, palaces and museums.  These structures are not mere structures, but have a whole world absorbed inside them, which needs to be understood in its entirety.

While in Ladakh, you should also not miss including places such as Khardung La, Marsmik La, and Hemis National Park. Each of these places has their own aura, much of which is also created by nature’s over-indulgence. Beauty resonates in Ladakh in a uniquely astounding way, and as a serious traveler, you are going to witness the fact in front of your eyes, when visiting Nubra Valley, Magnetic Hill and Tso Moriri.

Natural as well as man-made marvels dot the landscape of the Ladakh, and give travelers an opportunity to blend essence of spirituality alongside heart rending adventures, which are rarely experienced on any other lands.

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