Manali is the Bliss for Honeymooners and Sensuous Treat for Lovers on Low Budget

The quaint yet vivid hill destination spot, which we know as Manali in our common understanding, has fascinated travelers from different time zones – India, Europe and even the far West.  This fantastic hill destination is freckled in northern region of Himachal, and grown in its demographic constitution, span area built-up as well as in socio-economic character. To the honeymooners and those smitten by the lovey-dovey dreams, Manali becomes a celestial pleasure, untouched by contamination of politics, litter and personal inhibitions.

Honeymooners and new age lovers traveling to Manali, view it as the consortium, idyllic for sojourns, hand in hand space walks along the shallow rivers and gazing the star-lit nights on full moons.  And for this reason, Manali is an alluring destination for honeymooners and lovers, who are interested in rediscovering themselves through soulful reunions, instead of buzzing around and confabulating in the marketplaces. Guess! Who has time for wearing away the precious moments in gossiping?

Manali is – “All for Everyone” resort hill destination; welcoming travelers, irrespective of their cult, creed, profession and point of views. Honeymooners, or travelers in pursuit of love, or adventure junkies –Manali gifts the wonders in disguise.

Is budget the only constraint? Honeymooners and lovers have no reasons to feel the tantrums here too. Love and courtship prospers; this is a natural phenomena.  Honeymooners and lovers have appropriate budgeting options to look around as these come shaped viz-a-viz Manali Budget Tours, Manali honeymoon Volvo Packages and Manali Budget Hotels.

Where Honeymooners and Lovers Search for the Pursuits?

Honeymoon in Manali is invigorating and love sojourns too have their own metamorphosis. The choice of places often holds separate significance for the sojourners and the honeymooners.   Here are a few destination spots that sojourners and honeymooners like to swindle in Manali:

Solang Valley- Love and Courtship Swerves in Air

The valley provides cinematic views of Solang and the Water Stream. Escaping to the Solang Valley and camping over night further bring two souls together, dreaming about the life, and planning their future. Since the valley lies adjacent to Manali, at road distance of 12-13 kms, love dreamers do not like missing on this stunning romantic escape. And if adventure blends with love and courtship moments, idea of camping eulogizes on to a different tone. Test your love spirits, and coddle in Quad Biking, Zorbing, Snowmobiling, Gondola or Solang Ropeway and The Winter Skiing Festival.  This is when you feel there is a metamorphosis in your life.

Jugini Water Falls, Manali – The Soul Purifying and Lovable Sight

Lovers have the opportunity to immerse themselves in yet another romantic break away, and this time it is none other than the Jogini Water Falls, which is located merely 2-3 miles from the downtown market area of Manali. Standing on the ground zero and looking straight upright, gives you the chance to map the height and magnificence of these attractive waterfalls.

Jugini Waterfalls is the remotest, easily approachable and lauded with charming natural motifs.  Love sojourners and honeymooners can plan for trekking to the waterfalls, but again, choice matters on individuals. 25 minutes of trekking will take the honeymooners to top of the waterfalls, and this is where one undergoes through the sense of eternal bliss.

Old Manali – Insight into Old Cultures and Customs

The pastoral settings of Old Manali and bizarre customs practised by the local gentry, re-establishes love and soulful communion, as you walk on the wavy, low gauge metal roads. The striking charisma of village blends with the appearance that you and your loving partner carries all along. Old Manali is where lovers and honeymooners see themselves connected with village customs, rituals and above all, time does not runs off for an evening engagement with spectacularly lit marketplace.

Being in the old Manali town does not mean you walk hand in hand, overlooking charm and subtlety of the surroundings. This is the part of Manali where you find Hippie overtones on different places, and it is also exciting to find that this new culture blends beautifully with quaint customs of the old world land. All along the passageway, there is preponderance of Eucalyptus trees and sprawling greenery is seen all around.

Chandrakhani Pass Trek-Adventure and Beauty of the Place Enchants the Blossoming Love  

Expressing love on an approximate elevation of 3,660 meters is called cutest innovations, and if you are in Manali, do not let just bypass the moments. Chandrakhani Pass Trek is blend of beauty and love. The pass originates from remarkable settlements in Naggar. The Pass offers memorable trekking experience for lovers and nature innovators. Chandrakhani Pass provides dazzling sites of Deo Tibba, Parbati, and Pir Panjal peaks, which will appeal the senses of honeymooners besides the lovers on a sojourn.

Your honeymoon and love sojourn in Manali should be spirited, creative, and besides there should be high intimacy levels. Mere visiting to the places for a change and relaxation does not lead to self-realization, which is the ultimate purpose of traveling. And finally, being in budget saves you from money hassles.

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