Outlandish Spots in Manali, which May Appear Off-the-Place on Tourist Map

Manali offers bonanza to the tourists with attitude, whims and more interestingly those, who are searching for the offbeat destination spots. The adventurous landscapes, green sprawling meadows, fresh weather and cool environment – all of these sublime at beautiful resort town of Manali. Travelers, who have the interest in nature, always give the priority to travel to Manali. The valleys are nestled within snow pecked and over growing Himalayan peaks. This subtle appearance presents the sight of scenic beauty, which also becomes an ideal getaway for odyssey, walkabout, or safari, excursion or hiking tour.

There is no dearth of tourist destinations in and around Manali, but sometimes, our heart falls for something, which is intriguing, adventurous and has not been a commonplace. Here are the few destination spots, which gives out a different look and feel of Manali to you:

Manali Nature Park – The green and dense cover formed by thick cedar trees brings out a beautiful heart throbbing view of Manali Nature Park. The verdant Nature Park is tucked between the Old Manali and the New Manali town. River Beas flows along the Nature Park, which further elates the aura of the place.  The steep rising cedar trees create a marvelous symphony with the azure hue of the sky in its backdrop.

A few hours of walk around in the awesome climes of nature park starts developing mystical feel, more heightened and not less symbolic  than John Conrad’s description of verdant abound in his “Shadow of Darkness.”

Kothi – Kothi is a stunning pastoral beauty located in luxuriant green landmass and surrounded with dense forests that have plenty of alpine vegetation. The tourist destination is enroute Solang Valley, measured on roadable journey of 16 kms. from Manali. Kothi is a creative place, and which means, this is where many creative people love to throng. It will not be an exaggeration to say that Kothi is “Resting Abode”  for painters, writers, singers, sculptures and all those travelers, who indulge in creative practices. Kothi offers a superb landscape for paragliding, trekking tour to Rohtang Pass and amazing sightseeing on feet.

Naggar Heritage Village – Naggar Heritage Village is a comfortable drive from Manali, surrounded with resplendent beauty and invigorating climes. The stunning heritage village lies on the left bank of River Beas, and it exemplifies the beauty around the river in a more or less remarkable way.  The symbolism of this place extols richness of any other heritage place you may have ever known in your knowledge. Nicholas Roerich Art Gallery is the “Talking Place” of town, holding the paintings of Himalayan beauty, are always on the display. The temples of Tripura Sundari and Gauri Shankar have their pilgrims regularly, and that is the reason that most travelers find this place quite spiritually dignified and balanced.

Manali is where you capture snowy woods, green meadows, sprawling with beauty bath in in the flamboyance of nature. The spots you visit and areas you explore in Manali, establishes a unique symphony, and you find a personality change in yourself. Tour of these places is outlandish, filled with amazement to the levels where you feel thoroughly motivated and your soul is purged.

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