Visit Himalayan Bird Park – the Delight for Bird Lovers

Have you ever visited the Himalayan Bird Park in Shimla? If not, you must go there once at least in your life. Commonly called the ‘Himlayan Aviary’, this open bird park is counted among the top points of interest in Shimla perfect for being visited during the season of summer.


himalayan monal

himalayan monal

Himalayan Bird Park

Commonly called the ‘Himalayan Aviary’, the Himalayan Bird Park, which is a renowned aviary of India, is frequented by thousands of tourists as well as locals. Being a small open bird park situated just opposite the entry gate of the Indian Institute of Advanced Study at an average elevation of more than 2000 m, the Himalayan Bird Park or the Himalayan Aviary, which owns the lush green meadows with rare plants and trees and a large collection of species of pheasants such as pheasant, peafowl, peacock-pheasant and the Himalayan Monal, is an amazing place for nature lovers and perfect for the people for taking a heritage walk.

In spite of having very few birds, this open bird park is the suitable spot for the children for taking the enjoyment during the visit of Shimla. Being best to walk down from the Mall Road at a distance of approx 3 km all along the picturesque and traffic free road for most of the section, this amazing open bird park, which is also called the Himalayan Aviary, is situated at a distance of about 1.5 km from the Shimla Railway Station and 2.5 km from the Shimla Old Bus Stand. Being in the very congested region, this open bird park, which has its birds in the cages, remains open from 10:00am to 05:00pm. Being a perfect treat for the bird lovers, the Himalayan Bird Park Shimla is more important than several other nature parks and sanctuaries of Shimla with the varieties of flora and fauna of rare species.



Here, you can also find the stuffed tigers, leopards and badgers. Having a small collection of exotic bird life, comprising the iridescent Himalayan Monal pheasant, the state bird of Himachal Pradesh until 2007 A.D., this open bird park, which remains closed on Mondays, is situated opposite the gate of the Viceregal Lodge. The Himalayan Monal is the prime attraction of this open bird park.

The detail of pheasants kept in this aviary (bird park) is following:

 Bird Species                         Male                     Female                Total

Monal                                         2                              1                              3

Kalij Pheasant                          4                              3                              7

Cheer Pheasant                        3                              3                              6

Silver Pheasant                        3                              2                              5

Red Jungle Fowl                      7                              8                              15

Indian Pea Fowl                       1                              1                               2

Indian Goose                            2                             2                               4

Total                                       22                         20                          42


Best Time to Visit

The perfect time for paying a visit to this open bird park are summers as the temperature never crosses 25 degree Celsius in this season. Morning and afternoon hours are the best time of the day for paying a visit to this open bird park. Winters being cold in this charming hill station, this place gets capped with snow. Best time to visit this open bird park is from April to July.



In 1972 A.D., this walk in aviary also had beasts such as leopard, deer, and much more. At that time, these birds and beasts could be visited without any charge. Owing to its proximity to the Indian Institute of Advanced Study and the Himachal Pradesh State Museum, this walk in aviary began drawing the kind attention of tourists coming here. In 1982 A.D., this wonderful aviary caught fire. Rebuilt at a cost of INR 5,55,526/-, this wonderful aviary, which is being operated by the Wildlife Wing of Himachal Pradesh Forest Department under the Jurisdiction of Divisional Forest Officer, Wildlife, Shimla. The Himalayan Nature Park Kufri had no availability of several facilities for the upkeep of the pheasant at the time of the construction of this aviary at Chaura Maidan in Shimla.

In 2007-08 A.D., the Central Zoo Authority (CZA), which comes under the Indian Ministry of Environment Organization, asked for the management of this aviary as Satellite Facility of the Himalayan Nature Park, Kufri. Thus, this wonderful aviary may be declared / recognized as a Satellite Facility to Himalayan National Park Kufri. Thus, this aviary can be well maintained and developed under the facility of the Himalayan Nature Park Kufri.



Being a walk in aviary, the Himalayan Bird Park, which is located in the center of the hill town of Shimla at a distance of 17 km from Kufri at an average altitude of 2205 m above the mean sea level, works for the satellite facility of the Himalayan National Park, Kufri. Offering a memorable chance to be amidst the Western Himalayan Birds, this wonderful aviary is covered by the trees of Deodar (cedar), oak, Rhododendron and pine.


Flora of the Himalayan Bird Park

Located on the hilltop, this wonderful aviary is home to the major species of the trees covering the region comprising Deodar (cedar), oak, Rhododendron and pine.

 Statement of Importance

In spite of being very small in its space, this site is significant for taking care of pheasants and other rescued birds in Shimla and the covering regions. This aviary is also being used as a rescue center for the birds as there is no availability of facility for keeping the rescued birds in the Rescue and Rehabilitation Center at Tutikandi. Exclusively dedicated to birds, this wonderful aviary, which is a satellite facility of the Himalayan Nature Park Kufri, is aiming for the improvement of bird raising practices and education of conservation.


The main objective of founding this walk in aviary for Birds is motivation, education and awareness among the people pertaining significance of the conservation of Himalayan pheasant / birds.

Research Activities

From 3 to 4 years, the experiments on hatching of eggs of various species of incubator are being successfully performed for the species such as Monal, Red Jungle Fowl, Silver Pheasant and Kalij pheasant in this renowned open bird park.

Main Points

Function: – Bird Park (Aviary)

Type: – Walk in Aviary-Bird Park (open Aviary-Bird Park)

 Established in: – 1971 A.D. by Shri S. Chakravarti, the then Honorable Governor of Himachal Pradesh

Constructed in: – 1972 A.D. by Shri B. Baddri, the then Honorable Governor of Himachal Pradesh

Reconstructed in: – 1993-94 A.D. by Shri Gulsher Ahmmad Sahib, the then Honorable Governor of Himachal Pradesh

Inaugurated on: – 8th of August, 1994 by Vir Bhadra Singh, the then Honorable Chief Minister of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh

 Area: 762.63 m2

Total Area: – 1136.97 m2


Location (Address of Venue)

Just Opposite the Entry Gate of Indian Institute of Advanced Study (Viceregal Lodge or Rashtrapati Niwas), Himachal State Museum Road, Chaura Maidan, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh-171004

 Telephone (Landline) No.: – +91-0177-262 3993

Collection size: – Himalayan Monal (State Bird of Himachal Pradesh until 2007 A.D.), Pheasant, Peafowl, Peacock-pheasant, etc.

 Closing Days: Mondays and during the season of Winter

 Opening Hours

10:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. (in the Summer months from 1st of March to 30th of September)

 Time Required for Visiting: – 2.5 Hours approx

 Entry / Entrance / Admission Fee / Charge

INR (Indian Rupees) 10.00 per head (Visitor Type: Both Indian and Foreigner above the Age of 8 Years)

INR (Indian Rupees) 5.00 per head (Visitor Type: Both Indian and Foreigner of the Age Group from 5 to 8 Years)

(Free Entry to Children under the Age of 5 Years)

 Still Camera Fee: – INR 15.00 (Visitor Type: Both Indian and Foreigner)

 Video Camera Fee: – INR 50.00 (Visitor Type: Both Indian and Foreigner)


How to Reach

This charming open bird park is easily accessible as its location is almost in the center of the hill town of Shimla. While going to this open bird park from the Shimla Railway Station, you must take the Chaura Maidan Road, leading to the Summer Hill. Located on the western side of the renowned Scandal Point at a distance of just 4.5 km from it, the Himalayan Bird Park can be reached by walking down to this spot or by also taking a local conveyance such as buses or private vehicles. The government buses operated by HPRTC or private buses or tourist coaches can also be taken to reach this charming spot.

In this way, it can be justly said that the Himalayan Bird Park, commonly called the ‘Himalayan Aviary’, is perfect for bird lovers and kids for paying a visit in during the tour of Shimla in the season of summer. In case of being willing to explore this wonderful open bird park, you can book Shimla Tour Package with ARV Holidays, one of the leading tour and travel operators of India. Being affordable to the budget for all types of people, all of these holiday packages can also be customized as per the desire of the clients. So, if you are a bird lover, you must pay a visit to this walk in aviary at least once in your life. I hope that the visiting of it would be unforgettable for you till all the life long.  

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