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Being one of the northern Indian states of India, Uttarakhand endowed with a great number of points of interest. The Tehri Lake, which is situated close to the New Tehri Town at an average elevation from 1550 m to 1950 m above the mean sea level, is a main example of a charming artificial lake.
Tehri Lake
Situated at a distance of approx 15 km from Kanatal, the Tehri Lake, which is a man made clean water lake, is very famous for its sheer beauty and grand scale. Simply offering the magical sight for its visitors, this magnificent lake has been created by the Tehri Dam, the highest one in India and one of the highest ones in the world.
This lake also has more importance for the reason that Kanatal, which is must visit for all those who are desirous to have a camping experience without going very far, is an amazing destination for all those who are willing  to get an offbeat experience close to Delhi.
It is notable that the Tehri Lake, which also signifies the confluence of the Bhagirathi and Bhilangna rivers, has been created by the Tehri Dam on the sacred Bhagirathi River. The New Tehri Town overlooks this magnificent lake.
Offering a peaceful ambiance, thrilling adventures, and charming glimpses, the Tehri Lake has already become very famous as the go to destination for the adventure enthusiasts, who are willing to take the enjoyment of the water sports activities.
For taking the unlimited enjoyment of several water sports enriched adventure activities, tourists from all over the country as well as the all over the world escape to this charming lake.
Tehri Lake Water Sports Activities
Here, we have prepared a detail about the Tehri Lake water sports activities, tourists must do while praising the charm of the crystal clear water and panoramic glimpses.
Jet Speed Boat Ride
On the Tehri Lake, you can also take the enjoyment of the water sports activity on a Jet Ski ride. While doing this activity, the look of the mountains and the lake is more beautiful than ever. The people, who are willing to come over their dread of water, can choose this type of boat ride. As a better way, this thrilling ride can be enjoyed with friends or family members so that you can hold onto your loved ones when your heartbeat increases in the case of the growing of the speed of the Jet ski boat.
Banana Boat Ride
Being more open than other boats, this inflatable boat is perfect for a few people for doing the adventure activity of the banana boat ride. While doing the banana boat ride, adventure lovers get the indescribable thrill of seeing the water and holding tight.
Motor Boat Ride
By riding the motor boat in the Tehri Lake, tourists get exhilarated. While the pace of the boat would provide excitement to the adventure lovers, the panoramic glimpses would inspire them for taking a stay in the comfortable motor boat. It is hoped that adventure lovers will surely love to take the repeated experience of the thrill in future too.
Hot Dog Boat Ride
If you take a hot dog boat ride on the Tehri Lake, you would get the chance of feeling the water closer to you and the captivating glimpses. Being tremendous in its size and ensuring that adventure lovers have the time of their life, the hot dog boat owns no roof. As this type of boat ride makes the children feel freer, they will specially take the enjoyment of this type of ride.
Aqua Zorbing
For having the thrill of the Aqua Zorbing, adventure lovers can fit themselves in a light weight orb built of plastic and just roll over the water of the Tehri Lake. Under this water sport activity, tourists can take the fine experience of the thrill of being lonely in the water and yet retain themselves in restraint at all times. Perfect for providing the youngsters a new height, this type of sport activity is a hot favorite among those who are in search of something.
Paragliding is another adventure sport that has been increasing the importance of the Tehri Lake Tourism. With the help of a Paraglider, adventure lovers can surely fly like a bird and view how splendid the world can be felt from the sky. It is hoped that adventure enthusiasts would surely be willing to soar for hours at this charming destination. By doing this adventure activity, one can take the aerial bird’s eye view of the tourist destination, where this activity is done.
Bandwagon Boat Ride
The Bandwagon Boat Ride must be tried by the people willing to take the enjoyment of a very comfortable Tehri water sport activity. While enjoying this type of boat ride, you would be bound by harnesses, this boat would let the adventure lovers sit easily with no bothering about the dread of falling off. Adventure lovers can also demand the driver of the boat for trying various paces.
Best Time to Visit Tehri Lake?
Except the season of the Monsoon, the Tehri Lake can be visited in all seasons. During the season of summer, tourists must pack cotton clothes along with them to face the heat and during the season of winter, they must carry woolen clothes along with them. This destination can be enjoyed in all seasons as its weather is scarcely extreme.
Tehri Lake Adventure Festival
Offering the non stop action and adventure, frolic and fun, excitement and entertainment, the Tehri Lake Adventure Festival, which is held / hosted by the Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board, is the biggest lake festival in Asia. Lasting for 2 days each year, this annual water sports & cultural event, which is usually held in the month of Ocotber or November since the year 2015 A.D., is organized on the Tehri Lake and in the Koti Colony.
The water sports during this thrilling festival include jet skiing, boating, banana boat rides, surfing, water skiing, river rafting, canoeing, Kayaking and Paragliding. During this festival, the aerial skills are presented by the adventure experts.
In the evening of the 2nd and the last day of the event, visitors can take the enjoyment of a grand display of fireworks, high octane music and dance performances.
How to Reach Tehri Lake
The Tehri Lake is easily accessible via Kanatal, Dhanaulti or Chamba.
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