What are the 5 Top Notch Destinations in Himachal for the Backpackers?

Himachal is a godly creation, and every part of it is god like. The landscapes are embellished with rich green alpine vegetation, natural austerity and conundrum places itself everywhere. Tourists like thronging in these amazingly varietal Himalayan climatic zones, but for the backpackers from India and abroad, being in Himachal is like gateway to thrill and extravaganza hurling around most of the time.

Backpackers anticipate Himachal as the nature’s biggest conundrum, where all types of macro biomes and micro biomes come together.  There is always awe and amazement, and more importantly, with growing adventure opportunities in Himachal tourism, amazement gets the space to grow.

Cold, frigid air and intermittent sunshine, creates a unique balance of weather, and this is enjoyed by the trekkers and backpackers thoroughly. The heavenly feeling celebrated by backpackers in this kind of climate holds in memory for the years to come.

Backpackers traveling to Himachal, always have their eyes set on beautiful landscapes and the excitingly refreshing weather, which they love to exploit to the fullest on their backpacking expedition. Backpackers like visiting to these extraordinarily refreshing 5 destinations on their trip to Himachal:

Kasol:  It is the “Do-Everything and Miss Nothing” adventure for backpackers. Kasol opens up wide angle space for mountain viewing and intrepid landscape to take on challenges of trekking. Every moment spent in Kasol along with your fellow backpackers is going to pass down a memorable experience you love to relish in your backpacking trip.

Kheerganga: The place is decorated with several adventure attractions such as hot water springs, geysers, canyons, waterfalls and white glistening mountain tops. These attractions infuses an energetic feeling of the spectacular views; invigorating the entire backpacking experience.

Tosh: It is a small quaint town resting along the banks of river Parvati. Off late, Tosh has become popular as the “Camping Village.”  Thanks to the perception of the backpackers and adventure soaked travelers, who often perch here in small groups, for 2-3 days of overnight camping.

Rewalsar – The lake town set in middle of nowhere is often attributed with the title –“Least Swarmed and Overtly Spiritual.” Backpackers, who intend to find a spiritual recluse by exploring cool bistros, then Rewalsar is just the appropriate match they are looking for their backpacking adventure.

Triund – The petite town along the trekking route of 3-Hours from McLeod Ganj, has often been called as the trekking haven. Catching a closer glimpse of mountainous pathways laden with fog and mist makes all the difference in your backpacking tour of Himachal. Besides, there are several charming sights around, which gives you enough reason to fall in love with this splendid place.

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And finally, when you have planned and decided to go on a backpacking tour, make sure you have the company. Big difference is made the moment you invite the group for backpacking expedition to Himachal, instead of going all alone. Remember, backpacking are two sides of the mirror – on one of the sides, it is fantasy, while the other side symbolizes adventure- wherein what you imagine becomes  the reality in next moment.

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