With Apple Orchard Tours, Spend Your Days Immersed in Apple Farms in Shimla

Shimla enjoys the title of illustrious place for apple farming. Not many tourists visit Himachal and make their forward travel plans to tour apple orchards. Horticulture is one of the booming industries practised in Himachal Pradesh on alarming rates. The reason is that the temperature of Shimla is favorable for growth of apples.

The apple cultivars need 100-125 cms. of annual rainfall, essential for the development of growth and fruiting purposes. Shimla, in specific, offers this kind of ideal climate and temperature, giving an ideal place for the growth of apple cultivars. It is essential to take note of the idea that long, warm summer days of Himalayas along with rich organic loamy soil, favors growth of apples.

Apple orchards in Shimla and elsewhere in Himachal, are well-maintained and kempt properly by the farm owners. The beauty of these orchards attract imagination of travelers (domestic and international), especially those, who have penchant to break free from plastic life, and live in natural and luxuriant farms.

There cannot be a more enriching experience other than plucking the apples straight from the farmland and gulping it in your mouth. Travelers with special liking for Shimla based apple cultivars do not lose their time to try them for either baking a pie, or cooking in their home kitchens.

Exclusive Places in Shimla for Apple Farming

Visiting apple farms in Shimla on a trip to Himachal becomes surprising and exciting. There are three most recognizable areas where apple farming is done on huge scale in Manali.

Kotagarh – A tour to apple orchard is in your mind? You cannot miss on the Kotagarh. The place has several apple orchards, growing apples of distinctive species and cultivars. Each year, Kotagarh makes the record of producing lakhs of tones of superior quality and delicious apples, which are exported to various places.

Thanedar – The place apparently known for incredible apple orchards is not more than 3 to 5 hours drive. Thanedar is the birth place of red variety and green variety apples. In recent years a few exotic species of apples have also been introduced. A tour to Apple orchards at Thanedar will spring new lease of life in you.

Samoli, Rohru Samoli, a peaceful village falling in Rohru Tehsil in Shimla District, is an amazing place to visit on your apple orchard tour. The fertile soil and favorable climate of this region encourages growth of both green and red apples. The taste of these apples relate closely to the apples from Kashmir.

The beauty of apple orchards cannot be described after seeing them from a distance, it can only be defined and exalted, only when you stand in the middle of an orchard farm and feel the awesome smell of fresh apples.

It is beyond anyone’s imagination to describe the scene of eating bountiful apples while enjoying the captivating views of snow-capped Himalayan mountain ranges.  Most of the apples you find in the orchards are for sale. Take the sweet and refreshing memory of the apples back to your home, and you are never going to feel nostalgic.

Buying a regular Himachal tour package, may not take you through the apple orchards and beautiful farmlands. Therefore, it is significant that you give a thought and select the Himachal tours that come along with apple orchard tours package.

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